City Tours

City Tours

Our city tours guide you through parklands, along Brisbane’s river and through the city centre to experience the city’s heritage. Our guides will show you the sights as you jog, stop to point out the areas of interest and explain the history behind the city.

Victoria Bridge

Brisbane, Queensland’s largest city, is named after the river around which it is located. Our city run will guide you through the most prominent sights near the city centre, reaching further than a walking tour could. Amongst many others, we will pass Queensland’s oldest surviving building and, depending on your chosen distance, will run over Brisbane’s iconic story bridge. As we run, your guide will acquaint you with the city’s history and describe historical sights that have now vanished.

We offer scheduled group tours (times here) for those who would like to run with others and VIP tours for those who cannot make the allotted times.

Tours last 90 minutes and we offer two running routes of 8 and 12km to suit your running ability and preferred pace. For those who opt for a VIP tour, we will create special routes to suit your requested distances.