Run the Trails

Run the Trails

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Trail run training in Brisbane

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Training Brisbane locals on the trails was only ever going to be a small part of Brisbane Running Tours; a side project to the main event. However, our love of trail running and coaching has proven too strong and Wild Runners has evolved into something wonderful which we’d love to spend a lot of time doing!

To avoid confusion for our out of town guests and to ensure our trail loving locals can stay informed, we’ve created a separate Web page, Facebook page and group solely for Wild Runners. If you’re at all interested in staying up to date with future training sessions, 6 week courses, trips away, trail suggestions and general running fun, we would love to have you visit our new web page, join our group and like our new page.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing passion and support. We can’t wait to meet lots more of you out on the trails!

Find the Wild Runners Web page here

Find the facebook page here

Find the community here

At Brisbane Running tours, we love nothing better than getting out on the trails and running free. Trails offer the ultimate escape from our busy city lives; a chance to reconnect with nature. Escaping into the bush, enjoying the tranquillity and seeing the wildlife as you jog with friends is a return to our primal roots.

Everyone should give it a go!

The unknown can be daunting though and many runners don’t know where to begin when it comes to trails so we would like to be your stepping stone to a very rewarding style of running.

Our Run the Trails course will introduce you to a range of off road terrains, teach you good trail running technique and give you a taste of the ultimate challenge, night running!

Runners know the sport is a great way to make friends and trails are the  friendliest place of all. Our course will bring together up to 20 like minded individuals, allowing you to form lasting connections for those long runs or fun explorations you will no doubt end up doing in the future.

Best of all… the course fee includes entry into a real trail running event! You’ll get to put your new found skills to the test and have your first taste of all that off road racing has to offer. Trail runners run for the love of the trail, the freedom and the friends.

Give your feet a break from the concrete and experience something new with us.

All course participants receive:

- Two training sessions per week
– Run fitness training
– Trail technique education
– Core exercises
– Information about recommended gear
– Entry into a graduation event

Ideal for road runners looking for the next challenge. You should be able to run 6-10km (depending on the course) but speed is not important!

All of our trail training sessions are coached by a certified Athletics Australia and Triathlon Australia coach to ensure you are training in a safe, effective and supportive environment. Let us find the best in you and take you to the next level.


Available Courses

Wild Horse At Night - Run Queensland

Run the Trails: 2nd July 2014 to 9th August 2014
6 Week Course for $150
Graduation Race: Wild Horse at Night

Wild Horse at Night is a great beginner run on mainly flat, wide fire trails with the added element of night running to spice it up. The course will include night sessions* to prepare you for the big day and you’ll soon discover that trail running is just as much fun in the dark as it is during the day! You may even be lucky enough to spot some of our nocturnal friends if you keep your eyes open.

You can choose a 10km, 16.5km or 25km option for your graduation.

*All participants will need a head torch for the night runs. We will be happy to discuss options and answer any questions before this time.

For training times check out the Training Schedule

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Run the trails - Nerang Short Course

Run the Trails School Hours: 14th July 2014 to 6th September 2014
8 Week Course for $190
Graduation Race: Nerang Short Course

This course is ideal for full time Mums and Dads who would love to get out and learn the trails – but just need to do the school run first! Starting after the school holidays, the 8 week course will include two weekday sessions, both starting at 10.00 so that you’ll have time to drop the kids at school before doing something fun for you. Get out and meet like-minded parents and then bring the whole family along to cheer you on Graduation Day!

Nerang is a slightly technical course with some fun single track running mixed with fire trails. You’ll get a great combination of terrain to test out your new skills.

You can choose between a 6km and a 20km option at graduation.

For training times check out the Training Calendar

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