Trail Training

Trail Training

Our trail training has moved! For up to date training info please join us at

Trail run training in Brisbane

Join us at wild runners for even more trail training options.

Training Brisbane locals on the trails was only ever going to be a small part of Brisbane Running Tours; a side project to the main event. However, our love of trail running and coaching has proven too strong and Wild Runners has evolved into something wonderful which we’d love to spend a lot of time doing!

To avoid confusion for our out of town guests and to ensure our trail loving locals can stay informed, we’ve created a separate Web page, Facebook page and group solely for Wild Runners. If you’re at all interested in staying up to date with future training sessions, 6 week courses, trips away, trail suggestions and general running fun, we would love to have you visit our new web page, join our group and like our new page.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing passion and support. We can’t wait to meet lots more of you out on the trails!

Find the Wild Runners Web page here

Find the facebook page here

Find the community here

At Brisbane Running tours, we love nothing better than getting out on the trails and running free. Trails offer the ultimate escape from our busy city lives; a chance to reconnect with nature. Escaping into the bush, enjoying the tranquillity and sometimes even meeting the wildlife as you jog with friends is a welcome return to our primal roots.

Not only are the trails free of cars, they are also a great place to hone running skills, build strength and refine technique. Variety really is the spice of life and a major player in kicking your running performance into top gear.

We want to share the trail love with everyone so we offer two styles of run training.

- A 6 week ‘Run the Trails’ introductory course is designed help runners take their first steps onto the trails in a friendly group environment. You will develop your running technique, strength and endurance over the 6 weeks and graduate with a trail running event to test out your new skills. Everyone will progress through the course together so you’ll have a group of new friends to cheer you on at your graduation race.

- ‘Wild Runners‘ trail training is also focused on improving your running through specific technique, core and strength exercises as well as providing a friendly environment to get out onto the trails and meet new people. You could learn some new routes or see personal improvements over familiar paths.

Interested in stepping up to the next level? Find out more about our trail training by calling us on 0422 112 417 or following the links below.


All of our trail training sessions are coached by a certified Athletics Australia and Triathlon Australia coach to ensure you are training in a safe, effective and supportive environment. Let us find the best in you and take you to the next level.